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Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services-Staff Listing Vendors  304.293.5711

Administrative Units Shared Service Center

 Director     Tami Cira 304.293.7485

Human Resources Division

Manager Business Operations Kourtney Morgan  304.293.6641
Business Manager Joann Audia 304.293.8141
Business Manager Barb Bland 304.293.7500  
Budget Analyst Senior Shelia DeLauder 304.293.8479
Supervisor Payroll Accounting
Barb Harvey 304.293.8171
Business Manager I
Rhonda Stevens 304.293.8372

Grant Division

Grants Administrator Melissa Powers 304.293.9243
Research Corporation Employee Lili Lin 304.293.0923

Special Projects/Quality Assurance

Program Coordinator
Margaret Pinnell 304.293.2674

Finance Division

Assistant Director
Jacob Kidwell 304.293.0378
Business Manager I
Lacie Dillsworth 304.293.2166
Accounting Assistant II
Lynne Seese 304.293.2741
Assistant Accountant
Brenda Thompson 304.293.9797
Accounting Assistant I
Marchelle Lewis 304.293.4372
Accounting Assistant II
Sara Mathess 304.293.8233
Research Corporation Employee
Henry Tong 304.293.5270
Budget Analyst Senior Yvonne Friend 304.293.2622
Budget Analyst Cheri Grubs 304.293.9021
Accounting Assistant II Sherrie Keener 304.293.8478
Accounting Assistant II Johnette Lemley 304.293.4767
Assistant Accountant
Anienne Morris 304.293.5031
Business Manager I
Hongmei Cui 304.293.5096
Manager of Business Operations
Danielle Paulk 304.293.4366
Accounting Assistant II
Barbara Dice-Amatuccio 304.293.7148
Budget Analyst
Angel Douglas 304.293.3474
Accounting Assistant II
Zack Weaver 304.293.9831
Budget Analyst
Brandon Youciak 304.293.4634
Telecommunication Analyst II
Lori Hertzog 304.293.3451
Operation Coordinator
Michael Kelly 304.293.7243
Interim Budget Analyst
Nick Gray 304.293.8107
Manager of Business Operations Tamara Davis 304.293.8132
Accounting Assistant II
Catherine Bowsher 304.293.8136 
Budget Analyst Senior
Miriam Nitshe 304.293.6350
Accounting Assistant II
Anna Hart 304.293.7481
Accountant Senior
Mark Kregecz 304.293.2773
Accounting Assistant II
Erin Smith 304.293.2532
Accounting Assistant II
Nancy Smith 304.293.6866